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Multiplayer capable strategy game based on the concept of escaping from various prison environments

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An award-winning game based on the prison escape genre, the Escapists 2 picks up the momentum from right where the first game left off. The first game premiered in 2015, and the gaming community screamed non-stop praise for its uniqueness and creative flare. You can play the game from all the major consoles and personal computers. Many of the themes found in the first game were built into the second game, but the reboot now includes more new and exciting features.

Now a Multiplayer Experience

The Escapists 2 builds on the first game, and you will have to employ multiple strategies to break out of a maximum security prison. Unlike the first game, you can now team up with your online buddies to pool resources and creatively concoct an ingenious escape plan. You can play with up to three friends online, but your multiplayer choices include:

  • Co-Op
  • Online
  • Versus
  • Splitscreen
  • Local


With the splitscreen, you can throw a party with friends and family and coordinate the perfect escape plan. Simply connect a controller and start playing.

Online Multiplayer

Multiplayer works well when you don't have any close friends, but you still want the experience of escaping prison. Unfortunately, some of the prison breaks aren't conducive to multiplayer like "My Little Phoney" at Cougar Creek Prison.

Versus Mode

If you like a little friendly competition, try versus mode. You match up in a head-to-head battle to see who can escape prison first. No snipers, no routines and you can chip or dig your way out of prison. Who will win the title of ultimate escape artist?

Items in Escapists 2

The first Escapists had over 185 items to craft conspicuous or inconspicuous escape tools. Escapists 2 improves on the first game with more items and even some hidden crafts. You keep the items in your desk, and you can check other prisoner's desks but don't hang around too long or the guards will raise the alarm.

Improved Graphics

Team17 has made welcome improvements to the graphics since the first game. In fact, the series has made the leap from eight-bit NES-style graphics to the 16-bit Super Nintendo age. You ultimately have a more immersive experience because of the more colorful graphics. You feel absorbed into the prison underworld where you enjoy richer detail and plotting your next move.

The Security Levels

Escapists 2 has five levels of security represented with star symbols. The first star means more guards dispatched to the prison. A second star turns into the equivalent of dogs released in a vicious chase. The third star means more guards enter the prison, and the fourth star means you will have to contend with even more snarling police dogs. At star five, they call in the SWAT team.

This is a brilliant game with tons of creative freedom, and you can plan your perfect prison escape and get a taste of life behind bars.


  • Big improvements since the first game.
  • More strategies, characters and skills available.


  • Older systems can't play it.

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